Stunning Mandaps & Chuppahs

On this Tips Tuesday feature we bring you some of the most beautiful Mandaps and Chuppahs we have come across recently.


We have come a long way from the usual designs and they have now become a truly stunning feature at Fusion, Asian and Jewish weddings. I personally love taking inspiration from these designs and designing my own with my signature features (more on that coming soon!)… Watch this space!!!!

Play with different colours and textures. Tulle is one of my favourite materials, I love the way it flows and drapes. Also, flowers have become a huge part of these designs. When designing a Mandap or a Chuppah I take inspiration from my all time favourite florist and designer Karen Tran. I adore the way she uses flowers and tulle in her designs, always elegant with that all important wow factor!

I hope these designs gets your creative juices flowing and remember try different colours and step outside the box when designing your Mandap or Chuppah.

For more inspiration check our out Fusion Weddings Pinterest Board

Happy wedding planning! x

By Ishari De Silva

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